Happy Hour Sesh this week 2/5 2/7 2/9 2/10 6pm-9pm

Restocked on Blinkers, Stiiizy, PLUGplay, Coldfire, WEED (updated 2/6 at 9:00pm)

NEW flower Gelonade

Sorry but the dabs are out of service at the moment till we get a new rig some time this week or so, so sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

Thank you all so much for coming to support us and show some love. These happy hours will continue on the listed days so please spread the word. Again thank you all so much!!! 

For our most current products and deals please refer to the menu below. (FOR HAPPY HOUR PRICES PLEASE ARRIVE TO THE STORE LOCATION) 

Milf n’ Cookies is dropping a new line of gummies, Happy Hour Gummies, COMING SOON available in 100mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg in various flavors.